Marvel Unleashes New Captain Marvel Poster

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Fans were pretty happy when Marvel announced that there would be a new Captain Marvel trailer coming out during ESPN's Monday Night Football and to salivate the impatient, the studio has released an awesome new poster. Simply put, this is a beautiful, eye-popping poster that should get the attention of those that are excited about the movie or are just fans of the character.

The poster is pretty simple, as it showcases a powered-up Carol Danvers with her Kree and human origins being teased in the background via a Kree spaceship and an air force jet. It's a small, subtle detail that fans will probably like and the colors really help it stand out, despite it mostly being red and blue.

Check out the new poster and tune-in to @ESPN's Monday Night Football to see the brand new trailer for Marvel Studios' #CaptainMarvel.
— Marvel Studios (@MarvelStudios)
December 3, 2018

We know that the film will detail the character's origin and why she has been out of action for so long, which has to be one of the movie's biggest mysteries. Since the film is set in the 90's and establishes the fact that Carol has met Nick Fury and Phil Coulson, it will be interesting to see how they meet. Hopefully, the excuse of Carol missing so much action is a good one, though we can all assume that she is back in space.

Carol will be going through her origin in Captain Marvel but she won't have much time to rest after since the character is expected to take on Thanos and his army during Avengers 4. Kevin Feige has hyped the superhero up as the most powerful in the MCU, which is saying a lot since Thor is there and he almost killed Thanos.

Captain Marvel comes out on March 8.

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