21 May 2019 4:54 PM +00:00 UTC

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 Merchandise Confirms Three More Playable Characters

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order is expected to bring some beat-em-up fun to the Nintendo Switch this July and fans are already pleased with the roster. The game already has a ton of fan-favorite heroes, whether they're from the MCU or are obscure weird ones from the comics. While the full roster hasn't been revealed yet, three more heroes were leaked when the game's merchandise was shown off.

Thanks to GamesRadar, we now know that Ant-Man, Elektra, and The Vision will be a part of this game. Ant-Man is shown in his Giant-Man form, taking on a big robot, while Vision is just in the background. Meanwhile, Elektra is seen with fellow street heroes Daredevil and Iron Fist, which is a nice touch, though here is hoping more characters from this group are in.

Elektra was previously playable in the first Marvel Ultimate Alliance, while Vision was only a supporting character in that game. Ant-Man, Scott Lang at least, has yet to be playable in these games, though Hank Pym has appeared in Ultimate Alliance as his normal self and Ultimate Alliance 2 in his Yellowjacket persona as a boss if the player chooses not to register.

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order is coming to the Nintendo Switch this July.

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