Marvel Ultimate Alliance 1 and 2 PC Ports Revamp Fail to Deliver

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Marvel has mostly been celebrated on the silver screen more than the gaming scene. And while there are some good playable titles, like the free-to-play Marvel Heroes 2016, the new ports of an old game seem to have missed the mark completely.

To say that players were not happy with the PC ports of Marvel Ultimate Alliance and Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 is an understatement. Over at Steam, the two games have predominantly red marks for "Not Recommended." The biggest issues that players seem to have with the game is the very buggy controls and the missing DLCs.

One fan, Steam user The Macchio, has enumerated the pros and cons for Marvel Alliance 2. There are only two entries as pros to buying the game, which is the 60FPS run and the 4K resolution support. Everything else are points against buying the game.

> Controller support is spotty. Only a wired xbox360 controller matches the onscreen prompts
> Keyboard support is insanely stupid with no option to rebind
> Menu options are straight up broken and do not do what they are supposed to do.
> Sound is distorted/crackling (This is the most egregious problem as it seems to effect everyone).
> Overpriced

Those who did recommend the game still mention the aggressively bad controls in the ports. There are those who defended the new port, with high hopes of the controls being fixed for it to become acceptable. Like one Steam user johndstafford:

"The game looks great still, holds up well. I am giving it the thumbs up because there will be a lot of fun to be had… eventually. As most others have said already, the controls are waaaaaaay screwed up. This will be a fun game once/if they fix the controls."

Considering how Marvel Ultimate Alliance and Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 are both ports of older games, you'd think that the controls have been optimized for better handling and gameplay. The next question is whether the developer will bring patches to ensure that the game will be playable on the PC.

Are you thinking of buying the re-released PC ports?

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