Marvel Superfan Has Watched Avengers: Endgame An Amazing 200 Times And Refuses To Stop

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Most of us have probably rewatched Avengers: Endgame once or twice (OK, maybe thrice or more) just to relive all the awesome moments. However, one Marvel fan clearly isn't satisfied with a couple of screening. Agustin Alanis has just watched the Marvel Cinematic Universe flick an amazing 200 times and he isn't ready to stop.

Calling Alanis a "Marvel superfan" is certainly fitting considering that he has reportedly spent around $2000 on repeated screenings of Endgame. The young man from Florida recently celebrated his 200th viewing of the MCU movie along with family and friends and is now well on his way to taking the Guinness World Record for watching the same film the most times (via

But wait, does he have proof of this? Alanis has conveniently kept all 200 of his movie stubs in a binder. However, that doesn't mean he's going to stop any time soon. Alanis recently shared a photo on Twitter confirming that he has gone to watch Endgame for the 201st time.

It's an impressive feat indeed and Alanis may have helped a lot in making sure Endgame achieves its own goal. It was previously confirmed that the MCU film has surpassed Avatar as the highest-grossing movie of all time with a staggering $2.79 billion gross worldwide.

While Endgame is a resounding success, Marvel Studios has no plans of slowing down. The studio recently unveiled its upcoming projects for Phase 4 that kicks off with Black Widow next year.

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