Marvel Studios Will Reportedly Develop Secret Invasion Disney+ Series

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Credit: Marvel Entertainment

The future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe seems to be promising so far. Aside from a handful of exciting movies and Disney+ series slated for release in the near future, it looks like there'll be another project in the works and this time, it involves the Skrulls.

In a recent report from Bleeding Cool, it reveals that Marvel will be making a Disney+ series based on Brian Bendis and Leinil Francis Yu's Secret Invasion comic series. The outlet didn't reveal other details regarding the show, but it isn't surprising to have one soon.

The Skrulls were introduced in the Captain Marvel movie, they were also featured as essential characters in Spider-Man: Far From Home. Not to mention the Empyrecomics that Marvel is currently preparing, which involves a story of the Skrull and Kree army, it is likely that the studio is beginning to establish some part of the creatures' stories.

If this show is confirmed, it would be interesting to see how they would adapt the comics considering that the Skrulls are portrayed differently in the movies. The creatures are seen as allies or peace refugees whilst the comics show these shape-shifting aliens to be evil.

For now, the Secret Invasion series is considered a rumor, but Marvel fans would definitely be up to see this show and possibly learn more about the Skrulls and witness their adventures.

Would you like to see a Secret Invasion series on Disney+? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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