Marvel Studios Slammed by VFX Artists for Poor Working Conditions

There is no denying that the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) films have been a huge success and they are also expensive to make due to the gigantic production costs that it takes to produce a film. As an audience, we've also been wowed by their visual effects as they brought a lot of elements in the Marvel comics to life. Unfortunately though, as it turns out, the wonder what we're seeing doesn't translate behind the scenes.

Dhruv Govil, who worked in the VFX team in some MCU films in the past, recently called out Marvel Studios on Twitter for being a "horrible client," overworking the artists, and tight production schedule. He also noted that this issue has been happening since the earlier films in the MCU.

Several issues that the VFX artists were voicing out in the Reddit thread are the studio's "worst methodology of production and VFX management," not getting paid equivalent to the amount that they deserve, short deadlines, "black hole of sleep deprivation and eating bad," and many more. Some of them have said that they have refused to work on another Marvel project as a result of their past experiences.

It is unfortunate to hear these stories and it just shows once again the underlying and ongoing issues regarding Hollywood studios' treatment of the VFX artists, who worked hard and tirelessly to bring to life some of the magic that we're seeing on the screen.

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Hopefully, as more artists are actively voicing out their concerns and frustrations, Marvel will eventually address this issue. After all, they rely a lot on the VFX artists especially now that they are working on numerous projects in both film and TV. Let's just wait and see if they'll ever take an action on it soon.

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