Marvel Studios Reportedly Replacing T'Challa With [SPOILERS] in Black Panther 2

Credit: Marvel Studios

Credit: Marvel Studios

Marvel Studios boss Kevin Feige finally addressed the future of the Black Panther franchise following the untimely death of its lead star Chadwick Boseman. Feige confirmed that they don't have plans of recasting Chadwick's role as T'Challa which pleased a lot of fans. He did say, however, that Black Panther 2 will still push through and it's set to explore Wakanda and introduce fans to a new protector.

Fans have been pretty unanimous with their desire to see T'Challa's sister Shuri take on the mantle and while Letitia Wright is the most logical choice to succeed her late co-star, a new rumor suggests that Marvel Studios could end up taking a different route for the upcoming sequel. According to tipster Daniel Richtman (via Patreon), Winston Duke is the current favorite to become the MCU's new Black Panther.

"Marvel thinking of making M'Baku Black Panther now," Richtman said. He later claimed that the studio is still undecided and the possibility of Wright becoming the new Black Panther isn't out of the question. "Shuri may not get it anymore or it could be both of them for this one movie or one or the other, they are undecided."

I'm all for M'Baku getting a well-deserved upgrade in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. When you think about it, he's the most qualified guy to assume the position now that T'Challa is gone. No offense to Letitia but I don't think Shuri is ready to transition to an even bigger role but that's just me.

Black Panther 2 was originally slated to begin production earlier this year.

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