Marvel Studios Reportedly Plans to Steal Henry Cavill from WB and Cast Him as Captain Britain

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Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures

Fans of British actor and Man of Steel star Henry Cavill have been clamoring for him to join the Marvel Cinematic Universe for quite some time now and their desire to see Cavill jump ship to the "rival" universe only intensified after news came out last week that Warner Bros. is moving forward with its J.J. Abrams-produced Superman reboot which is set to feature a black Kal-El aka Clark Kent. For years now, people have been displeased with WB's treatment of the actor and a lot of them are convinced that he'll be handled better by Marvel Studios.

Credit: WB

There have been persistent rumors circulating all over the internet claiming that Marvel Studios is in fact interested in bringing Cavill to the MCU. According to the said rumors, the Justice League star is the studio's top choice to play Brian Braddock aka Captain Britain in an upcoming project. We also reported earlier this month that he is set to make his debut as Hercules in Thor: Love and Thunder but that one has yet to be confirmed.

Now, Geokosity reports that Kevin Feige and his crew are keeping a close eye on the actor especially now that his future in the DC film franchise looks uncertain. And by the looks of it, Cavill could in fact end up being cast as Captain Britain since the studio hasn't found the right actor to play the role. But of course, just like any rumor, take this one with a huge grain of salt.

Despite Henry's lack of DCEU involvement as of late, reports claim that he's still tied to a contract with Warner Bros. but given the fact that they don't have anything for the actor, he might as well make the jump to the MCU. WB executives have proven time and time again that they are prone to making bad business decisions but I certainly hope they'll keep Cavill around because losing him as Superman would be a huge blow to the DCEU. Just give the actor the Man of Steel 2 film he's been asking for years.

Meanwhile, Henry Cavill is set to return for The Witcher Season 2.

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