10 May 2021 10:52 AM +00:00 UTC

Man of Steel Star Henry Cavill Being Blamed for DCEU Career Getting Derailed

Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures

Man of Steel star Henry Cavill made headlines last week when Warner Bros. officially announced their plans for a Superman reboot which isn't going to feature Cavill as the mighty Kryptonian. Naturally, fans sided with Cavill and a lot of them believe the British actor is being mishandled and treated poorly by WB executives. However, in a stunning new development, it is being reported that Cavill may actually be responsible for his own career's decline.

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Credit: WB

Now, tipster Grace Randolph is noting that there's only one person to blame for Cavill's career in the DCEU getting derailed and that's none other than the actor himself. According to Randolph, Henry made a lot of enemies within Warner Bros. for not accepting the cameo role in Shazam!. She also pointed out that Cavill wasn't so supportive of the Snyder Cut movement.

After Cavill unfollowed WB and DC on Instagram, Randolph took to Twitter to deliver some insider information. She also teased a few other issues that may have contributed to his current DCEU situation but chose not to go into detail. She tweeted: "It's hard to sympathize with the only main cast member who didn't support the #SnyderCut back in Nov 2019 & who made a lot of enemies by not doing that #Shazam cameo, etc."

The actual extent of Henry's DCEU contract is still unbeknownst to a lot of people but the general belief right now is that he's still tied to the franchise with several rumors claiming that a potential Superman comeback could still be on the table after all. However, this new bit of information may shed some light as to why Cavill can't seem to get that Man of Steel 2 he's been lobbying for years now. I'm still hopeful that both parties will actually come to terms with the "revival" of the Superman franchise but at this point, it's really hard to tell.

Meanwhile, Henry Cavill is set to return for Season 2 of The Witcher.

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