Marvel Studios Reportedly Planning To Use Deathlok In The MCU Soon

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Now that Avengers: Endgame is on its way, Marvel Studios is slowly revealing its plans for the Marvel Cinematic Universe as it enters Phase 4 of the franchise.

Though we've long since known that Marvel is working on The Eternals and a Black Widow standalone movie, a new report says that the studio is currently considering using Deathlok soon. A cyborg S.H.I.E.L.D. agent who was just a normal man until he was approached by an organization who promised him superpowers through the use of Centiped Serum, Deathlok was a character which once had his own script at Marvel. However, the Deathlook film was left in the back burner, though the character did appear in ABC's Agents of SHIELD.

Now, a new article by Deadline includes a throwaway line which states that there have been rumors running around the mill saying that "Marvel Studios may use the character soon."


Though some fans might be hoping that Agents of SHIELD Deathlok actor J. August Richards might make it to the MCU, the transfer seems highly unlikely. There's always been a disconnect between Marvel Tv and Marvel Studios, so if Deathlok were really to head to the MCU, then it's likely that he'll be played by a different actor on the big screen.

It'd definitely be interesting to see Deathlok on the big screen. There's been very little interest in developing the character these past few years, and much less speculation from the public regarding the character's appearance in the MCU. If anything, the report just came out of the blue.

Marvel's next film, Avengers: Endgame, premieres April 26, 2019.

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