Marvel Studios Reportedly in Talks with Alexandra Daddario for Invisible Woman Role

Credit: Paramount

Credit: Paramount

The upcoming arrival of the First Family to the Marvel Cinematic Universe via the Fantastic Four reboot is still shrouded in mystery and despite being announced in late 2020, key details about the anticipated project have yet to be disclosed. Just recently, we found out that WandaVision director Matt Shakman will be helming the film with the duo of Jeff Kaplan and Ian Springer penning the project's screenplay.

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Credit: Marvel Studios

As for the reboot's official cast, nothing was made official during Marvel Studios' presentation at the D23 Expo 2022 event much to the chagrin of the fandom. If anything, Kevin Feige made it clear that the studio wants to prioritize the project's script before casting actors.

However, a new casting rumor has circulated all over the internet and it looks like the studio has found 2/4 of the MCU's First Family. According to celebrity gossip page @deuxmoi (via Prometheus Scoops), Alexandra Daddario is in the running to play Sue Storm aka Invisible Woman in the MCU. Interestingly, her brother Matthew is also reportedly the top choice to play Johnny Storm aka Human Torch in the reboot.

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As it stands, the studio has yet to make things official but given how the film's script is still being worked on, it doesn't look like we're getting some casting announcements anytime soon. My guess is they're saving it for next year's San Diego Comic-Con which definitely makes a lot of sense.

As for the chances of Daddario playing Invisible Woman, I'm kind of on the fence with the idea because I've always thought she would make a good Rogue for the upcoming X-Men project.

Marvel Studios' Fantastic Four is slated for release on November 8, 2024.

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