Marvel Studios Rejects Drastic Appearance Change for Scarlett Johansson's Black Widow

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Credit: Marvel Studios
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Natasha Romanoff has undergone several appearance changes over the course of her Marvel Cinematic Universe tenure and to the studio's credit, they went all out with the character in terms of her live-action look. However, Marvel Studios apparently rejected a number of character designs for Scarlett Johansson before filming her standalone Black Widow film.

Credit: Marvel Studios

Marvel’s Black Widow: The Art of the Movie (via The Direct) has revealed several scrapped concept designs created by Andy Park for the beloved Avengers member that would have channeled her iconic look in the comics.

Turns out that initial plans called for Nat to sport a shorter hairstyle inspired by her '80s run courtesy of comic book legend Frank Miller but shockingly enough, the studio went with the opposite and gave her longer locks which would then transition to a mid-length blonde hairstyle seen in Avengers: Infinity War and the end of Black Widow. Oh, what could have been! Check it out here:

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Considering Marvel Studios is known for incorporating comic book looks for their MCU characters, it's quite baffling that Natasha's classic appearance didn't make the cut. It would have served as a fitting homage to her rich comic book history while delivering some much-needed fan service.

Meanwhile, Johansson is heavily rumored to be making her return to the MCU in the next two Avengers films. Given how the actress has already patched things up with Disney after the whole Black Widow lawsuit drama that rocked everyone a couple of years ago, the door is left wide open for her to come back to the billion-dollar franchise.

Black Widow is available to stream exclusively on Disney+.