Marvel Studios is Bringing Their First Asian Hero, Shang-Chi, To The Big Screen

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In fairly surprising news, it looks like Shang-Chi is the next Marvel superhero getting his own movie. Marvel Studios is reportedly developing a franchise that will have their very first Asian superhero, which is another positive step for diversity, assuming that this is true. Shang-Chi is actually a pretty interesting fellow and it's odd that he will be getting a movie while Iron Fist is relegated to having a canceled Netflix series.

According to Deadline, Dave Callaham has been hired to pen the script, thanks to the Chinese-American writer's work on the upcoming Wonder Woman 1984 and the sequel to Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse. Marvel Studios is also looking for an Asian-American director to helm the movie so that they can get praise similar to Black Panther, which mostly had African-Americans working on it.

Manipulative? Sure. Effective? Possibly.


While there has never been a solo Shang-Chi series, the character did headline a number of stories under Deadly Hands of Kung-Fu, a comic book that focused on martial arts instead of superheroes. Chi would share the limelight here with Iron Fist, sometimes teaming up and other times starring in separate stories within the same issue.

His profile has also risen in recent years, becoming a member of the Avengers and playing pivotal roles in events like Spider-Island. If Marvel can handle the Chinese-American hero with the same style and finesse that they did Black Panther, they could have their next big film on their hands.

No release date for the movie has been released, as of this writing.

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