Marvel Studios Committed Major Production Mistake in Moon Knight Episode 3

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Credit: Marvel Studio

We all know for a fact that Marvel Studios is known for the level of intricacy that goes behind their projects but as it turns out, even a production company as huge as them isn't a stranger to having production mishaps every now and then. Take for instance Moon Knight's third episode which apparently featured a blink-and-you'll-miss-it mistake during a pivotal scene.

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Credit: Marvel Studios

During the heated chase scene between Marc Spector and one of Arthur Harrow's servants in Episode 3, titled "The Friendly Type", a camera operator can be seen in the background filming the sequence, and obviously, it wasn't intentional. The last incident of Disney committing a similar production mistake happened during Season 2 of The Mandalorian where a crew member, later named by fans as "Jeans Guy" was seen in the background.

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Now, while it may be a minor mishap on Marvel Studios' part, I think it's already safe to say that they'll edit out the said scene similar to what Lucasfilm did with The Mandalorian just to make things visually correct. But despite the unfortunate production mishap, it still doesn't take away the fact that Moon Knight has been one of the more action-packed MCU shows we've seen, and judging by the events that took place in Episode 3, it looks like Marc Spector's quest just got a lot more interesting.

The first three episodes of Moon Knight are now streaming exclusively on Disney+.

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