Marvel Stars Chris Evans and Tom Holland Personally Called Heroic Boy Who Saved Sister from Dog Attack

There is little doubt that both Chris Evans and Tom Holland play superheroes in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. However, the actors also recognized a young hero who went out of his way to save his sister from a dog attack. Both Evans and Holland decided to call the little boy after his story went viral on social media.

Earlier this week, Nikki Noel Walker shared a post about her nephew Bridger, revealing that the boy had shielded his little sister from an attacking dog. The attack left Bridger with large wounds on his face and head that required 90 stitches. In the post, Walker tagged several MCU stars in hopes that they would "learn about this latest addition to their ranks." Soon, the post went viral and it didn't take long before Holland and Evans called Bridger.

In a new post, Walker shared a photo of the young boy after he spoke to Holland on the phone. Although details about the conversation were not revealed, it is clear that Bridger is happy about being able to speak with the Spider-Man actor.

Walker then posted a video of the interaction between her nephew and Evans who gave an awesome message to Bridger.

Bridger appears to be recovering well and there is little doubt that more heroes will be happy to call him and acknowledge the fact that he is a true hero on his own.

Evans recently retired from the role of Captain America. Meanwhile, Holland is expected to return as Peter Parker in the still-untitled Spider-Man 3.

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