Marvel Star Confesses Turning Down James Gunn For Zack Snyder

With the success of Glass Onion: A Knives Out Story and Cabin in the Woods, Dave Bautista has recently released one blockbuster after another. His upcoming stint as Drax the Destroyer in the third and final Guardians of the Galaxy installment will be the actor's last appearance as the character. He remained vocal about how he is finally done with the superhero stuff and intends to venture into more significant roles.

Being a star for the MCU, Bautista has always been close to James Gunn, the creator of GotG and now the co-chief of DC Studios. Despite their closeness, the actor revealed that he turned down the Peacemaker creator to work with another director. The Suicide Squad and Army of the Dead were filming at the same time, with Bautista receiving the offer to work on both. He admitted that both options were excellent, but the actor chose to work with Zack Snyder over Gunn.

“I had The Suicide Squad where I got to work with my boy again, even though it’s a smaller role, and then I had Army of the Dead on which I get to work with Zack, I get to build a relationship with Netflix, I get a lead role in a great film — and I get paid a lot more money,” Bautista said. “I had to call James, and I told him, ‘It breaks my heart because as a friend, I want to be there with you, but professionally, this is the smart decision for me.'”

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Despite rejecting him, Bautista shared that Gunn had been more than supportive of the matter. He stated that the filmmaker was proud to see him taking control of his career, had been very understanding about his professionalism, and was more than excited to see the actor star in another movie.

After assuming the post as co-CEO of DC Studios, Gunn previously remarked that he would want to work with his Guardians of the Galaxy family in the DCU. “This cast is like my family,” Gunn told Empire Magazine. “I cannot tell you how close I am to Chris Pratt and Pom [Klementieff] and Dave [Bautista] and Zoe [Saldaña] and Karen [Gillan]. But I also know I will work again with all those people individually again,” he added. “Probably at my other job.”

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 hits theaters on May 5, 2023.

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