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Marvel Star Brie Larson in Controversy as YouTube ‘Faker’ Deleting Comments, Flagging Videos

There might have been a lot of buzz when Brie Larson launched her YouTube channel with a brand new video last week, however, it seems like the Captain Marvel star is gaining a lot of negative rap on her latest project.

While a lot of fans were eager to see the Marvel star try out YouTube seemingly for the very first time, viewers have started to consider the channel somewhat "fake." Not only has Larson been deleting negative comments on her video, but she's also been knocking out dislikes.

Her first video titled "So I made a decision," might have gained more than 100 thousand likes on the video hosting platform, however, it's also raked in more than 80 thousand dislikes.

Fans on the comment section have noted that the dislikes were at a higher number, suggesting that the actress may have been deleting some off of her account.

YouTube content creators have also cried foul over Larson's new channel, stating that while the actress is trying to pitch her videos as a DIY project, the Avengers: Endgame star seems to have a production and PR team behind her channel.

One of these content creators is That Star Wars Girlwho posts her own video to call out Larson's PR movie flagging down videos critical of her.

YouTubers are also complaining about how the site has been favoring Larson's channel, noting how quickly the actress was able to start monetizing the project despite the fact that it takes regular YouTubers thousands of hours to do the same thing.

What are your thoughts on Larson's controversial YouTube channel? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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