Avengers: Endgame Co-Director Reveals Why Wolverine Recasting Should Wait

Credit: 20th Century Fox

Credit: 20th Century Fox

Last year's Disney/Fox merger brought the previously Fox-owned Marvel characters back to Marvel Studios. Fans are excited to see Deadpool, Fantastic Four, and X-Men to eventually make their way to the MCU. However, as much as the Russo Brothers would have liked to see Wolverine assemble alongside Earth's Mightiest Heroes, they don't think it's something to be rushed into.

Hugh Jackman took on the role from 2000's X-Men to 2017's Logan. So for many, he's still the only man for the role. In a recent interview with ComicBookMovie, Avengers: Endgame co-director Joe Russo revealed that he would have chosen the mutant to add to the mix in the said movie. "I mean, Wolverine was always one of my favorite characters," Joe said. "Incredible Hulk #181 was one of the first comic books that I remember collecting, which was the first appearance of Wolverine."

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Credit: 20th Century

"Hugh Jackman has done an incredible job with that character over the years," Joe continued. With that said, the director thinks the studio should "take a break for a little while" before someone else "takes a crack" in playing the beloved character.

It would have been epic to see Wolverine with the Avengers but as Joe Russo stated, the character needs some breathing room, so it'll remain on the shelf a little longer. However, Kevin Feige promises that Wolverine, along with other characters, will be utilized in the future.

For now, it's probably best to not rush into recasting, especially since Jackman's portrayal of the character was certainly memorable.

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