Marvel Reveals the New Ronin's Identity in Hawkeye: Freefall #2

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When Hawkeye: Freefall was announced, there was a lot of hype built around the fact that there was a new Ronin who was running around and attacking people. Hawkeye had to tell everyone that it wasn't him, even fighting this new Ronin while teaming up with Falcon and Winter Soldier. After weeks of waiting, Marvel Comics has finally unveiled who this new Ronin is and fans are probably going to have mixed opinions about it.


The new Ronin is...Clint Barton. That's right, Hawkeye was Ronin all along, playing a Robin Hood-like role by stealing money from criminals and giving them to the poor. While Clint did reveal himself as the "new" Ronin by the issue's end, characters like Spider-Man and even a lowly thug deduced this.

Spider-Man confronted Ronin and made fun of the voice he was putting on, immediately knowing who was clad in the black armor. Meanwhile, the thug actually checked out the fighting styles of Hawkeye and Ronin, pointing out how they are too similar to not be connected. In the end, Barton unmasks and confirms to everyone that he is Ronin.

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Credit: Marvel Comics/CBR

It's an interesting reveal but one mystery remains; who was that Ronin who fought Hawkeye, Falcon, and Winter Soldier? There are a lot of possibilities to choose from, like Kate Bishop, who is tight with Clint and a fellow-Hawkeye. It could also be Captain America since he does consider Clint as one of his best friends. Maybe it's Taskmaster? Because of the Black Widow movie?

Hawkeye: Freefall #2 is available now in comic book stores.


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