Marvel Reportedly Shooting Ironheart Series Next Year

The Marvel production wheel might have ground to a halt thanks to the spread of the novel coronavirus, however, the rumor mill continues to circulate reports of "upcoming" projects in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The newest report suggests that Marvel Studios is planning on developing an Iron Heart web series for Disney+ and it seems like the project may allow Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr.) to return to the MCU.

According to Cinema Spot, an Ironheart series is in active development over at Marvel Studios and the project is being targeted for a shooting date sometime next year. The entertainment news outlet's sources say that Marvel has already begun taking pitches for the project though the studio has yet to find a writer/ showrunner for the series.

To those who aren't familiar with the character, Ironheart is the superhero identity of Riri Williams, a 15-year-old engineering genius who has been attending classes at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. After building a suit based on Iron Man's armor, Riri takes up the name Ironheart and is asked to join the Champions, a group of teenage superheroes in the MCU.

The new Ironheart series has sparked rumors of Iron Man's return. While we doubt that Marvel would resurrect Tony Stark after the heartbreaking but essential sacrifice that he made in Avengers: Endgame, we wouldn't be surprised to see Downey Jr. make a few cameos in the series – perhaps as a flashback or as a holographic video.

The Ironheart project doesn't have a release date but we'll update fans as soon as we get word.

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