The Falcon and The Winter Soldier Allowed to Resume Production in Prague

The Falcon and The Winter Soldier was in the middle of production in Prague when the cast and crew were pulled out because of COVID-19. What's interesting is, production is now allowed to start again with the Czech Republic issuing some new guidelines.

According to FullCircleCinema, the Czech Audiovisual Producers´ Association, the Czech Film Fund, and the European Institute for Health and Safety in Film Industry have new guidelines for allowing productions to resume in the country. For one, the crew has to test for the coronavirus every 14 days into production, and before entering the country, everyone has to show that they have negative results for the COVID-19.

Though production has been allowed to resume, this is still in no way confirmation that Marvel Studios is resuming production for The Falcon and The Winter Soldier; they're just allowed to get back to work.

Depending on the situation of the cast and crew, I think Marvel Studios has a lot to consider when it comes to resuming production. With everything having been grinded to a halt, it would be great to get some kind of progress done in the midst of the pandemic. We don't know how long production had left, but with the film wrapping, maybe The Falcon and the Winter Soldier can make its August 2020 deadline. Then again, if it has some important plot points from Black Widow, maybe Marvel was already planning on pushing the release back to December.

For now, we don't know what Marvel's move is, but hopefully we still get The Falcon and The Winter Soldier sometime in 2020.

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