Marvel Releases Trailer for 616 Documentary Series

Credit: Marvel

Credit: Marvel

You may not be aware but Marvel is actually coming up with a documentary series titled Marvel's 616 and the comic book juggernaut just unveiled the official trailer for their upcoming Disney+ offering. The title is obviously a nod to Earth-616 which serves as the mainstream continuity of the Marvel Multiverse and where most of the storylines (from comics, TV, and film) take place.

The new docu-series will take fans to a whole new world and is set to feature an in-depth look at how the Marvel Universe works behind-the-scenes, something we as fans would oftentimes take for granted. Not only that, but the informative and comprehensive series also illustrates just how influential the comic book giant has become in our daily lives. Consisting of eight well-crafted episodes, all directed by accomplished filmmakers is set to hit Disney+ in about a month.

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Credit: Marvel

This initiative from Marvel is a welcome change, quite frankly and it shows just how diverse Disney+'s Marvel catalog will be. What also makes it great, in my opinion, is that you don't see stuff like this quite often and as I mentioned, some fans tend to take for granted the tedious work the people behind Marvel go through on a daily basis just to satisfy our geek fix and our thirst to escape reality. It's time that we put the spotlight on the people "worthy" of being recognized because really, if not for them, there would be no Marvel Universe in the first place. I'm really looking forward to seeing this series!

Marvel's 616 premieres on November 20th exclusively on Disney+!

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