Marvel Releases Heroes Reborn Trailer Showing A World Where Avengers Never Assembled

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A new trailer has been released and it is for Marvel's Heroes Reborn where the Marvel Universe is reimagined as a universe without the Avengers.

The question "whatever happened to Earth's mightiest heroes?" teased the return of Heroes Reborn and a series of teasers with hints answering the question offered glimpses to a different MCU.


The trailer for Heroes Reborn confirms its concept of a universe where Earth's mightiest heroes, the Avengers, never assembled. (Where there would be no iconic Cap line of "Avengers, assemble.") Earth is not as frail as it may seem as it still has protectors like the members of the Squadron Supreme.

The brains behind the quirky and intriguing concept are confirmed to be a team-up between writer Jason Aaron and artist Ed McGuinness.

Aaron said it may be the "wildest story" he has ever written as it grew out of the Avengers story where he continued to put the puzzle of Reborn piece by piece until it became a whole. Aaron added that it awakened his inner comic-reared child and kept his passion for comics burning in all the right ways.

McGuinness, who expressed his excitement and joy making Reborn, said that Aaron may be the "maddest scientist of all" with all the spins Aaron has put into the story.

Executive Editor Tom Brevoort gave out the words "prepare to enter a very different yet hauntingly familiar Marvel Universe" as he explained that Reborn is the rebirth after Phoenix burned Earth to ashes. Let beauty come out of ashes, indeed.

Heroes Reborn will be a universe where only Blade remembers what the world used to be, where Tony Stark never built his Iron Man suit, where Thor is an atheist, where Wakanda remained a myth, and where Captain America is still frozen in ice as there are no Avengers to find him.

The Squadron Supreme of America (the Justice League of Marvel) stands as Earth's first line of defense in fighting off villains like Thanos, The Black Skull, Dr. Juggernaut, and the Silver Witch.

Marvel Comics' Heroes Reborn #1 of Jason Aaron and Ed McGuiness will be available on sale in May 2021.

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