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Marvel Realm of Champions Calls It "Game Over" After a Year

A disheartening closure of another game has been announced as Kabam revealed that the game Marvel Realm of Champions will be calling it a “game over” as it will be shutting down after a year from its release and it is already taken out of both Apple App and Google Play Store, bidding goodbye to its players for good.

In an official statement, Kabam released the unfortunate news that marvel Realm of Champions will be closing its curtains on March 31, 2022 and that the game would no longer be available on the App Store and Google Play Store. There would be no more in-app purchases as well.

With the news comes some game announcements before the servers go offline. As a way of gratitude to their players, Marvel Realm of Champions players would have unreleased gear sets and weapons to play with, an increase in the number of units, a lower cost of gear crates and crafting crystals, and various game modes remaining open until the servers go down.

In the same announcement, Marvel Realm of Champions would also be revealing who killed Maestro when the game concludes. They also encourage the remaining players to join the sister game, Marvel Contest of Champions where players could receive an adjustment package from their investments and players would have to link both the Realm and Contest account on Kabam.

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The game revolves around finding out who the killer of Maestro is, the evil version of Hulk. Marvel Realm of Champions came out in December 2020 introducing new versions of well-known characters such as the Sorcerer Supreme, Kali, from the Temple of Vishanti, and the female Black Panther, Anathi. It is a spin-off mobile game of Marvel Contest of Champions.

The game closes in more than just a year and it shows how harsh the competition is between games like this one.

Marvel Realm of Champions will be closing its doors on March 31, 2022. Enjoy playing while it is still online.

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