Marvel Might be Casting Kid Loki for the Disney+ Loki Series

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The Loki Disney+ series has a lot of fans excited since the show's entire existence essentially confirms an MCU multiverse. Spinning out of the events from Avengers: Endgame, Loki now has the Tesseract, aka the Space Stone, and it looks like Earth is about to become his oyster. We're also hoping to see more of the character's history in this series and it looks like that will be coming true since some casting reports claim that Kid Loki will be in the series.

According to Murphy's Multiverse, Marvel Studios is looking for a "Male, 10 years old, British, Open Ethnicity, smart and brave with a sharp wit and life experience beyond his years." That description definitely suits a character like Kid Loki, who actually has a ton of fans thanks to Kieron Gillen's excellent Journey into Mystery series that focuses on the character.

Kid Loki had one of the most fascinating arcs in the entire Marvel universe and it's a shame that he had to go so we could get "classic" Loki back. Still, there's a reason why so many people still hold Kieron Gillan's Journey into Mystery in such high regard, including Tom Hiddleston himself, and we can only hope that the Loki Disney+ series does this version of the character justice.

Loki is expected to come to Disney+ sometime in Spring 2021 and will likely be connected to the upcoming Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.

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