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Marvel Made Letitia Wright's Black Panther 2 Injury Look Less Serious

Credit: Marvel Studios

We all know for a fact that Black Panther: Wakanda Forever experienced a ton of setbacks, as well as rumored on-set controversies that reportedly led to its production being halted. Of course, most of you are probably aware by now that Letitia Wright's anti-vax scandal was mainly cited as the reason the MCU sequel nearly got sabotaged.

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Credit: Marvel Studios

If you may also recall, reports circulated late last year that the Shuri actress sustained a horrific injury while filming the Phase 4 epic, forcing the studio to call a temporary filming delay. Well, it turns out that Letitia's on-set injury was far worse than initially reported and it was made to look less serious. Bafflingly enough, Marvel Studios reportedly downplayed the incident in an attempt to protect her privacy.

Variety reports that the accident actually took place in August 2021, and not October as previously reported. In an interview with the outlet, Wright revealed that she's still undergoing therapy to recuperate from her injuries caused by a motorcycle stunt gone wrong. She said: "I’m still processing it. I’m still working through it in therapy. It was really traumatic."

The accident happened while the actress was filming Wakanda Forever's second unit and apparently, director Ryan Coogler wasn't there. Addressing the situation, he said: "It was about how you can imagine. I mean, I love these actors. That’s me and Chad’s little sister. Imagine getting that call that your little sister’s hurt. It’s the f****** worst thing in the world."

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When the incident was first reported, a lot of fans were convinced that it was just a damage control stunt on Disney's part because at the time, Letitia was already in the midst of an anti-vax controversy and the backlash has gone nuclear.

Marvel Studios' Black Panther: Wakanda Forever hits cinemas this November 11th.

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