New Marvel Leak Hints Daredevil Season 4 is Coming to Disney+

Daredevil and other Marvel TV shows that originally premiered on Netflix recently made their move to Disney+, about four years after they were cancelled on Netflix in 2018. Now, fans are wondering if Disney will revive the Daredevil series and if Charlie Cox and Vincent D'Onofrio will reprise their roles as Matt Murdock/Daredevil and Wilson Fisk/Kingpin, respectively. A recent leak seemingly revealed that Marvel is developing a new Daredevil series.

Daredevil Season 4
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Daredevil Season 4

The report comes courtesy of known scooper Murphy's Multiverse, who shared that Marvel Studios has formed a new LLC (limited liability company) named "Blind Faith Productions LLC," which could be a clever allusion to Daredevil. While this leak is in no way confirmed to be a new Daredevil project, the name of the LLC refers to both Daredevil's physical characteristics and his spiritual beliefs, and with Daredevil and the rest of The Defenders are arriving on Disney+ soon, so could this be anything else?

Cox, who had a brief cameo in Spider-Man: No Way Home as Peter Parker's lawyer, already started to tease what he would like to see when the Marvel anti-hero returns in a new series. One major element the actor hopes to see is a slightly more comic book-accurate costume for Daredevil. He wants to see the character finally adorn the iconic "DD" symbol across his chest - an element that Cox's iteration of the Marvel antihero has so far lacked.

"If there is some new suit or if it does morph or change or it's redone or whatever, it will be so much more fun for the fans to just have that moment of like, 'Oh shit, that's what it is,'” Cox told “What I would say is, I've always liked the idea that at some point in Matt's journey, his emotional journey, and again, I don't know how everything is happening, or what might happen, and how it ties into what we've already done, I have no idea at all. But I've always liked the idea that at some point he feels like he has earned the right to have the DD [on his chest], which we've never had.”

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Of course, the leak doesn't officially confirm that a new Daredevil project is in the works, but it seems like Disney is laying the groundwork for a comeback. Disney also brought back Vincent D'Onofrio as Wilson Fisk/Kingpin in Marvels' Hawkeye TV series.

For now, we can only hope and wait for official updates from Disney and Marvel Studios. You can check everything we know so far about a potential new Daredevil project here.

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