Marvel is Introducing a New Wolverine—and It’s Not Logan’s Resurrection

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The X-Men Blue team is getting a new Wolverine. And instead of a resurrection of everyone's favorite Logan, it will actually be his son. got the official confirmation via the X-Men Blue comic series, which include another story that features a mutant with very familiar powers: that is, healing and claws.

This character is none other than Jimmy Hudson, Wolverine's son via the Ultimate Marvel universe. And now he's ready to fully take on the role of his father following the latter's death.

Senior Editor Mark Paniccia shared that Jimmy will have some similarities to his father, in that he will have no clue of his past. And get his, he will even be some major attraction with a redhead.

"I'm really excited to see this character become part of the team. Aside from the fact that he is a kindred spirit… displaced as the Original X-Men are… he'll also feed into some themes X-Men fans are very familiar with."

Jimmy's powers are interesting, if only because it adds on to what Wolverine had before. His claws are actually bone, which can be coated in metal alloy as part of the mutant abilities. In addition, he is also able to heal. It makes us wonder if that means he won't have the same issue as Logan, who was poisoned by the adamantium that was placed in him.

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