Marvel Future Avengers Anime is Coming to Disney+

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Marvel Future Avengers, the weird children's anime that has kids turning into members of the Avengers (not joking) has been a big hit in Japan, despite, or maybe because of, the weird concept. Hoping to make the show bigger in the West and other countries, Disney+ revealed that the anime will be coming to the streaming service. This should catch the attention of those that want to give Marvel anime a try if anything else.

As the concept we mentioned earlier has shown, this is a pretty odd show but one that has become a big hit in Japan. Yeah, it won't replace One Piece or My Hero Academia anytime soon but the fact that it has made an impact on that country is still a big deal. Hopefully, the anime is better than the premise makes it seem to be.

Then again, this is a show designed for children and we really shouldn't have super big expectations for it. Yes, children's media should still have some quality but that doesn't mean it has to be aimed at adults.

Marvel Future Avengers will be coming to Disney+ on February 28, though not many details are known aside from that. The series was dubbed for American audiences sometime last year so there's a good chance that casting for season 2 and beyond will continue now that it's in the Disney+ streaming service.

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