Marvel Fans React to Unexpected Mutant Debut in Black Widow

There is little doubt that Black Widow had a lot of surprises for Marvel fans. In addition to the shocking Taskmaster plot twist, people believe that the film also teased a Winter Guard reunion.

Interestingly, Black Widow also introduced the Marvel Cinematic Universe's first mutant after the Fox merger and fans have mixed reactions to the revelation.

In Black Widow, Natasha and Yelena break Alexei Shoskatov out of prison. But before they do, Alexei arm wrestles with an inmate named Ursa, who he also calls Big Bear. Fans picked up on the reference to Ursa Major and actor Olivier Richters has since confirmed that he was playing the mutant in the movie.

This is huge news for Marvel fans who have been expecting the X-Men to finally cross over into the MCU. Not surprisingly, people were excited about the whole thing.

Although most people were excited about Ursa Major's appearance, some also pointed out that it doesn't really count since Richter's character didn't get to show off his mutant powers.

We're loving the idea of more characters being introduced in the MCU. Needless to say, we're also hoping that seeing Alexei and Ursa together could mean we'll see the Russian superhero team Winter Guard in a live-action project. It's an awesome possibility but this has not yet been confirmed by Marvel. Nevertheless, we are hoping to get an update really soon.

Black Widow is currently screening in theaters and Disney+ through Premier Access.

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