Marvel Fans Question How the Failed Fantastic Four Would Be Good for the MCU

The Fantastic Four have a poor track record in live-action films. This quartet has struggled to gain any recognition or adequate adaptation, as they have not had the same level of success on screen as Spider-Man, Batman, and Hellboy. Because of their repeated failures in this area, it’s a continuous debate if these four cosmic superheroes will be able to excel in the world of cinema, especially now that Marvel Studios is again developing another adaptation of their first family.

Among these skeptical MCU fans is Reddit user sammybunsy, who recently questioned the Fantastic Four's presence in the upcoming phase of Marvel. To shed light, the answers of other fans poured in, detailing the Fantastic Four’s history in comics and the myriad of reasons fans are excited to see Earth (Thing), Wind (Invisible Woman), Fire (Human Torch), and Water (Mister Fantastic) back in the cosmic arena.

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“F4's charm was always the adventures and their bonds as a family, something that none of the adaptations could really grab into... it's not a coincidence that F4 was for a long time one of Marvel's main titles besides Spider-Man and the X-Men... Fox's adaptations lacked everything that made F4 work because it's not the action, and the visuals but the characters and their dynamic... just check out the Incredibles the whole thing is basically an F4 copy…” wrote user MCUFANzzz.

The upcoming Fantastic Four is believed to be the MCU's most crucial film since Avengers: Endgame, and it is undoubtedly one of the studio's most important films since Iron Man (2008). As the MCU introduces Kang the Conqueror and his variants ahead of Avengers: The Kang Dynasty, the sci-fi side of Marvel, specifically time travel and the multiverse, becomes increasingly important for future films and shows. When it comes to these elements, few characters are as prepared as the Fantastic Four, and that is one of the reasons this upcoming film can be a game-changer for Marvel.

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