Marvel Fans Outraged Over Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse’s Acceptance Speech

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Marvel fans were pretty psyched over the weekend. Not only did Black Panther win three different awards at the Oscars, but Sony's animated Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse won an Oscar award for Best Animated movie. Unfortunately, as exciting as that might sound, fans have also been pretty upset with Into the Spider-Verse, ranting when Marvel Comic Book Legends Stan Lee and Steve Ditko weren't thanked in the speech for the film.

When the team behind Into the Spider-Verse got on stage, the filmmakers forgot to mention both Ditko and Lee, Spider-Man's very own creators, in their acceptance speech. This snub naturally upset the Marvel fan base, and some have been taking to Twitter to voice their outrage. Others, despite the missing mentions, were happy with Into the Spider-Verse and tweeted about how happy Lee and Ditko would have been with the film's Oscar win.


Check out some of the tweets down here:


Fans are especially angry that Into the Spider-Verse forgot to thank Lee because the Marvel Comic Book Legend passed away last year, and naming him during the acceptance speech would have been one of the film's biggest ways of honoring Stan the Man.

Lee was such an influential character.

Not only was the actor one of the biggest names in the Marvel comic book industry, but he was also a household name over at Marvel Studios, appearing in almost every entry in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Lee was Marvel's Cameo King, and over the years he's proven himself very useful to the franchise.

Now, as Into the Spider-Verse continues to celebrate, we hope that Sony doesn't make the same mistake of forgetting to mention Lee and Ditko in the film's new posts.

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