Marvel Director James Gunn on Whether He’ll Helm Episodes For Star Wars: The Mandalorian

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Star Wars: The Mandalorian has been quite a success for the Star Wars franchise, uniting the Star Wars fanbase together under the banner of Pedro Pascal's Mandalorian and his adorable doe-eyed 50-year-old companion, Baby Yoda. The success of the series is all thanks to series creator Jon Favreau and the many different guest directors that he's brought on to helm the different episodes of the live-action Star Wars series.

The Mandalorian featured the directorial skills of Thor: Ragnarok director Taika Waititi, Star Wars Rebels showrunner Dave Filoni, Jurassic World actress Bryce Dallas Howard, and filmmakers like Rick Famuyiwa and Deborah Chow.

Now that the first season of the series is over, fans are expecting even more top-shelf guest directors to work on the next batch of episodes for The Mandalorian. However, while some fans are hoping to see James Gunn join the roster of The Mandalorian directors, the Guardians of the Galaxy helmsman doesn't seem too interested in joining the series.


Speaking with fans during an Instagram question and answer session on Monday Night (via, Gunn was asked whether he'd like to direct an episode of Favreau's new Star Wars series. Unfortunately, it seems like the answer was no.

"It really doesn't interest me, no," the director answered candidly.

It's such a shame given how Marvel fans have loved Gunn's work in the Guardians of the Galaxy film franchise. Gunn would have been the perfect addition to The Mandalorian's roster of directors. Maybe Gunn is finding himself too busy working on Suicide Squad. Maybe he'll change his mind once his schedule gets freed up. Let's wait and see.

Star Wars: The Mandalorian is currently streaming on Disney+.

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