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Marvel's Extermination Teases Death For The Original X-Men

When Beast brought back the five original X-Men - Angel, Cyclops, Marvel Girl, Iceman, and himself - to the present back in All-New X-Men, fans have wondered how long they would stay in the current timeline. There have been a few teases to bring them back to the past, such as the Battle of the Atom event and the most recent X-Men Blue arc but it seemed like they were here to stay.

That's all going to change this August, as Marvel has announced a new X-Men story called Extermination. The cover features the All-New X-Men, with a lightning bolt showing their original costumes from the 60's and their current attires from X-Men Blue.

(Marvel Comics/Mark Brooks)

Marvel said more details will be revealed in this year's C2E2, though they did reveal that Old Man Logan writer Ed Brisson is writing the event, while Avengers: No Surrender artist Pepe Larraz will be providing interior art.

Cyclops and co. aren't the only characters who might be disappearing, as the company also announcedDeath of the Inhumans not too long ago. It looks like Marvel is planning to do a whole lot of changes to their current universe.

Extermination comes out in August.

Via Newsarama

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