Marvel Announces New Winter Soldier Mini-Series

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James Buchanan Barnes aka Bucky has had quite the traumatic life as a Marvel character. He was a teenage assassin when working with Steve Rogers, almost died, became a weapon known as The Winter Soldier, and finally, became a proper hero. He's still haunted by his sins but Bucky has found redemption and will now try to help others who are in a similar situation in a new mini-series.

Marvel is launching a five-issue Winter Soldier series in December, with former Nightwing writer Kyle Higgins and Secret Empire artist Rod Reis.

(Marvel Comics/Rod Reis)

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The concept of Bucky helping out others who have been manipulated like him is interesting and there could be a lot of conflicts that come from interacting with other characters. Who these heroes or villains are still isn't known but it will be fun seeing him try and reach out to them.


Bucky has technically tried doing this before when he was in charge of the Thunderbolts, a group of former villains trying to be superheroes. While that ended up falling flat, this could be his second chance to help someone else do better. Maybe it will be multiple heroes but Marvel isn't revealing too many details.

Winter Soldier #1 comes out this December.

Via Newsarama

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