Marvel Acknowledges Feasibility of Popular Ant-Man Thanos Buttstruction Theory

There were a lot of Marvel fan theories going around before the release of Avengers: Endgame, but the funniest theory that caught the attention of the entire Marvel fanbase was the wild idea that the Avenger could defeat Thanos by having Ant-Man (Paul Rudd) shrink down to enter the Mad Titan's butt and then expand to effectively kill the villain from the inside.

Though the Ant-Man butt theory never really came to fruition in Endgame, the theory was so brassy and wild, that it sparked thousands of memes and discussions online. Now, it seems like Marvel has decided to acknowledge the feasibility of the Ant-man buttstruction.

According to a report by Screen Rant, Marvel itself decided to suggest the Ant-Man butt theory as a feasible way of defeating enemies in the most recent issue of The Cosmic Ghost-Rider Destroys the Marvel Universe.

In the fifth issue of the comic book, readers get to see the future Frank Castle attempt to change history to save his family from murder. The hero's adventures alter history in the Marvel Universe as Frank tries to rewrite his past and in one scene we get to see him in a flashback where the Avengers are all part of a circus act.

The flashback features Cosmic Ghost Rider agitating the Hulk, and when the Jade Giant goes berserk, the Cosmic Ghost Rider suggests that Ant-Man should take out Hulk by flying into "his you-know-what and then grow."

Castle eggs on Ant-Man as well, telling the hero that he "thought you were serious about stopping him."

It's fun how Marvel nods to this fun Thanus theory, though we wonder whether the comic book studio would ever consider having Ant-Man actually go through it.

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