Marvel Has Reportedly Committed to All of Brie Larson’s Demands from MCU

It looks like Brie Larson certainly has a lot of clout at Marvel Studios. Positioned as one of the faces that will lead Marvel into Phase 4 and Phase 5 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Larson has been considered as one of the most important additions to the Marvel franchise.

Though it took Marvel quite a while to announce the sequel to Captain Marvel, there were rumors circulating online saying that Larson has been demanding for equal pay to her male co-stars, more creative input over the Captain Marvel solo series, and top billing in Marvel crossover projects. Now, a new report by We Got This Covered says that Marvel has decided to cave in.

According to the entertainment news outlet, sources close to Marvel say that the studio has decided to agree to Larson's demands. Though it isn't as big of a deal as Robert Downey Jr.'s, Larson is reportedly going to have more involvement in the development of Captain Marvel and her place in the larger story that Marvel is preparing for Phase 4 and Phase 5 of the franchise.

Not only does this new deal give Larson higher pay, but it also ensures that her name appears first in trailers and posters for upcoming Avengers movies.

If this news is proven to be true, then we expect Larson to find herself in another pit of controversy. The actress has been getting a lot of flak recently because of deleting comments on her YouTube channel and allegedly flagging her YouTube critics.

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