Martin Scorsese Explains Marvel Criticisms, Claims They Don't Take Risks

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It's been a month since The Irishman director Martin Scorsese made his comments about Marvel movies not being "cinema." But still, there are still talks about it, and even notable figures from the franchise have spoken up with regards to his statement. And even though Scorsese keeps adding up explanations for his words the last few weeks, perhaps his newest write-up will expand the most about his choice of words regarding Marvel movies.


In an op-ed written by Scorsese on the New York Times, he touches upon the slate of films and how they are made to cater to the audience. He admits that he is aware of the people who found his comments insulting or a result of hatred for Marvel. However, he says that there's nothing he can do "to stand in the way" for those who choose to put his words in that light.

Scorsese points out that it's a "matter of personal taste and temperament" if the films do not interest him in any way. He admit s that he could have been excited about those kinds of movies when he was younger. But he thinks that he "developed a sense of movies" once he grew up. Which he described as, "as far from the Marvel universe as we on Earth are from Alpha Centauri."

He also admits that lots of elements that he thinks defines cinema, could also be found in Marvel pictures. However, he thinks that there's no revelation, mystery, or genuine emotional danger present in those films. "Nothing is at risk," he writes, stating that these movies are only made to "satisfy a specific set of demands."

He then went on to talk about modern film franchises as well as how big franchise films and streaming services are now. Towards the end of his piece, Scorsese gives a warning to aspiring filmmakers. He writes, "the situation at this moment is brutal and inhospitable to art."


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