Martin Scorsese Doesn’t Feel the Need to Watch Joker

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A lot of people had praised Joker when it came out last year, and there have been multiple mentions about its influence taken from Martin Scorsese classics like King of Comedy and Taxi Driver. Do you know who isn't interested in watching it, though? Scorsese himself.

Talking to The New York Times, Scorsese said he saw "clips of [Joker]," but doesn't sound like he wants to watch the full movie anytime soon. He continues, "I know it. So it's like, why do I need to? I get it. It's fine."


Scorsese had already gotten a snag of criticism online after trashing Marvel movies, and so it's kind of odd to see him dismiss something so purposely different, and what's more, inspired by his own line of work. If anything, Joker is exactly the kind of film that Scorsese is promoting should be made, it's just masquerading as a comic book film. If you ask me, the film wouldn't have made as much if it was just based on a random clown character and not the Joker at all.

While a lot of people are already throwing fits about Scorsese's attitude toward comic book movies, I think the person least worried about these comments is Scorsese himself. Scorsese is someone who has nothing to prove to anyone, and if he thinks comic book films are trash, then that's his business. His comments don't really affect how people choose to enjoy films that they like.

While Scorsese may not be interested, you can check out Joker now on digital.

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