Mark Millar Announces New Jupiter's Legacy Comic

As we wait for Netflix's Jupiter's Legacy series, it seems like comic book writer Mark Millar has decided to work on the latest installment of this property. After working on the first series, also called Jupiter's Legacy and its spin-off series Jupiter's Circle, Millar has announced a third series called Jupiter's Requiem. While no details were revealed, nor is there an artist announced, the quality of the original comic book should get a lot of people excited.

The only thing Millar shows off is the script, which confirms that Jupiter's Requiem will be a 10-issue mini-series just like the other comics in the Jupiter series. From what can be seen of the script, it looks like Requiem will be a prequel since it says the events of this comic book will be taking place 50,000 years ago. Granted, that could be some sort of prologue but you never know.

While we can't assume that the comic will be an instant hit, the fact that Mark Millar is involved basically means it's going to sell well. All of the author's Millarworld comics tend to do well and having the Netflix logo on your comics will get the attention of the casual reader. Millar's comics might not be perfect but we can only hope that this ends up being an entertaining romp.

No release date for Jupiter's Requiem or the Netflix Jupiter's Legacy series has been revealed.

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