Mark Millar Teases Secret Sequel to One of His Millarworld Comics in Time for Christmas

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Mark Millar is almost a household name these days, thanks to the number of movies that have been made from his comic books. The man worked on Kick-Ass, which ended up being a bit of a hit and even managed to get a (worse) sequel. Then there was Kingsman: The Secret Service, which ended up being a mega hit and is going to get more installments, including a prequel called The King's Man.

Seems like Millar has more comic book madness in him since he has just announced that a secret sequel to one of his series' will be launching in December. As if that wasn't mad enough, he stated that there would be no previews or any big hype for it, which is fairly shocking. This is something he can get away with though since his comics tend to sell like pancakes.

Of his recent comics work, Kick-Ass is still ongoing and gets different creative teams, The Magic Order finished its first arc, and there are probably other titles we haven't covered. Possible sequels to his previous works include Super Crooks, Superior, Nemesis, and Starlight, among others.


I'm a fan of his independent work, though if I'm being honest, I prefer his Marvel work for reasons that escape me. His Marvel Knights: Spider-Man was fantastic, as were some of his Ultimate X-Men arcs. I also liked Wolverine: Enemy of the State, though I have yet to read his Fantastic Four comics.

What could Mark Millar be working on? Stay tuned but it will probably come to Netflix in the future since they own Millarworld now.


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