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Mark Hamill was Stunned When Asked to Return as Luke Skywalker in The Mandalorian

There is little doubt that everyone was shocked when Luke Skywalker suddenly showed up to save the day in The Mandalorian Season 2's final episode. After all, nobody saw that coming, especially not Mark Hamill. The Star Wars icon has just admitted that he was stunned when he was asked to reprise the role.

In the most recent Mandalorian season finale, Mando and his team managed to take down Moff Gideon but still struggled to fight off his Dark Troopers. That's when a mysterious figure arrives and effortlessly gets rid of the Troopers and it is revealed to be Luke.

Everybody loved that reveal and Hamill enjoyed talking about his cameo in The Mandalorian. Hamill was recently a guest on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon and he revealed his initial reaction to being asked to be a part of the show.

"Talk about unexpected," Hamill said. "I had finished playing that part, I never expected to do it again."

Hamill continued by stating that he was expecting somebody else to take on the role for a change.

"I thought if they ever told stories of Luke in that period, post the originals and pre-sequels, they'd get an actor, you know, an age-appropriate actor. So when John Favreau and Dave Filoni told me about what they wanted to do I was just stunned," he said.

It's important to point out that Hamill wasn't the only one who played Luke in The Mandalorian. Max Lloyd Jones served as the on-set body double for the character while Hamill was digitally de-aged for the performance.

But will this be the last time we'll see Hamill playing Luke? Fans believe that Luke could still play a major role in The Mandalorian Season 3 since he took Baby Yoda under his wing. With that in mind, there is a possibility that we'll get to see Grogu's Jedi training in the next season.

For now, it is unclear if Luke will be back in The Mandalorian Season 3. In addition to that, there hasn't been an official announcement on the third season's production start date or release date. Stay tuned for more updates on this story.

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