Mark Hamill No Longer Interested in Playing Young Luke Skywalker, Wants Lucasfilm to Recast

Credit: Lucasfilm

Credit: Lucasfilm

Luke Skywalker has remained an influential figure in the Star Wars franchise and even after the Skywalker Saga concluded, the famed Jedi Master has been featured in various Star Wars projects through the help of Mark Hamill and Lucasfilm's mindblowing de-aging technology.

While their first attempt at bringing Luke back in The Mandalorian was quite sloppy, The Book of Boba Fett pretty much nailed how he looked in the original trilogy and naturally, it left the door wide open for the character to appear in future Star Wars projects.

However, it doesn't look like Hamill is still interested in portraying a CGI'd version of the iconic Jedi. If he had things his way, he'd much rather pass the torch to someone younger.

Mark Hamill Wants to Retire Luke Skywalker Role; Says Lucasfilm Should Get an 'Age-Appropriate' Actor

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Credit: Lucasfilm

Speaking with Esquire, Hamill admitted that he was ready to "disengage" from the franchise, thinking that The Last Jedi would be the end of his Star Wars tenure.

"When I read The Last Jedi's script, I said, 'OK, well, that's it for me'. And you start that process of disengaging from something that's been a part of your life."

Obviously, that wasn't the case and he would make cameo appearances in The Rise of Skywalker as well as the MandoVerse. According to Hamill, while the de-aging process left him quite impressed, he feels a bit "unusual" seeing himself like that.

When asked if he's still down to appear in Star Wars projects featuring a young Luke Skywalker, the acting legend expressed his desire to see a new actor take on the role. "People say, 'Oh, now you're going to be able to do a whole series of Luke post-Return of the Jedi.' I said, 'I don't think so.' First of all, they don't need to tell those stories, but if they do, they could get an age-appropriate actor."

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Rumor has it though Lucasfilm no longer wants to use Luke in future projects set in the New Republic era so I guess we won't be seeing him return to the MandoVerse anytime soon.

Meanwhile, all of your Star Wars favorites — from films to series are available to stream on Disney+.

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