Mark Hamill Teases Star Wars: Episode IX Title

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Lucasfilm and Disney have yet to announce the official title of Star Wars: Episode IX. However, Mark Hamill couldn't help but hint at what the third installment of the current trilogy will be called.

Hamill is known for his hilarious posts on Twitter but you can also trust the man to tweet out some serious messages about politics and such. Needless to say, fans paid attention when the star of The Last Jedi pinned a tweet that might be a teaser for the Episode IX title. Take a look at his tweet below.

OK, so that's not much to go on but it might confirm an ongoing trend for the new trilogy. This could mean that all three films will have titles that start with "The." In addition to that, there is a possibility that the title has already been disclosed to Hamill and the rest of the cast.


But when exactly will the Episode IX title be announced to the public? Hamill has previously confirmed that he will be working on the film all the way until January next year. An announcement could be made once the movie wraps production. However, it is also possible that we will be getting updates before the end of 2018.

Episode IX began production earlier this month. New cast member Dominic Monaghan excitedly confirmed his first day of work on his Instagram account, calling it "the best job ever." Monaghan's role in the film has not yet been disclosed.

Star Wars: Episode IX is scheduled for release on December 20, 2019.

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