Mark Hamill Celebrates Batman Day With Awesome Joker Fan Art, BTAS Shoutout

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It's Batman Day and fans of the Caped Crusader are celebrating all around the world. Not surprisingly, Mark Hamill has paid tribute to the superhero by posting an awesome Joker fan art and a touching message to the Batman: The Animated Series crew.

Hamill celebrated Batman Day with a series of photos shared on his official Twitter account. However, it's the first image that immediately had everyone's attention. Take a look at the post below.

Although we all love Luke Skywalker in the Star Wars films, it's Hamill's outstanding voicework as the Joker that proved his versatility. Hopefully, we'll get to hear more of Hamill as the Clown Prince of Crime in more animated features in the future.


The post also has an awesome shoutout to Hamill's BTAS co-star Kevin Conroy, who has provided Batman's voice in the show. The two recently reunited on the animated film Batman: The Killing Joke.

There is little doubt that Hamill probably wants to celebrate Batman Day with his BTAS family. However, the Kingsman: The Secret Service actor is currently working on Star Wars: Episode IX in the UK. Nevertheless, it is possible that Hamill will find a way to honor the Dark Knight on his special day.

The Joker isn't the only DC character that Hamill has voiced. The Star Wars actor also provided the voice of The Trickster in Justice League Unlimited. Hamill even played Jesse James in The Flash series in the 1990s as well as the current Flash show on The CW.

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