Mario’s Nipple Controversy Overshadowed By Pecker-Showing Manga

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There might have been a lot of hullabaloo after gamers found a shirtless Mario in Super Mario Odyssey last month, but it seems like everyone's favorite plumber's gotten into more incriminating scenarios before.

Mario had his own manga series called Super Mario back in 1988, and while it was pretty lighthearted and fun, one chapter had the plumber walking around without his pants on, letting his pickle dangle around in public for everyone to see.

Posted by a Mario fan on Twitter, the image of the manga page shows Mario holding up his pants and stomping his feet half-naked.

The drawing isn't very detailed, but be warned, there's a pickle down here:


Originally published by Kodansha, the Super Mario manga was supposed to serve as a tie in with the release of Super Mario game around that time, probably Super Mario Land. Aubrey Cottle's has also shared two pages of the manga to give the image some context. From the looks of things, Mario got bitten by a bug so hard, he jumped right out of his pants.


Since then Mario's always had his pants on, with the most recent controversy involving Mario's upper body in Super Mario Odyssey where he shows off his nipples with his new beachwear. Guess Nintendo thinks that a little skin won't really hurt anybody.

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