Margot Robbie Spotted Wiping Away Tears Hours After Leaving Cara Delevingne’s Home? Suicide Squad Star Allegedly Distressed During Latest Outing

Credit: Jimmy Kimmel Live/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: Jimmy Kimmel Live/YouTube Screenshot

Margot Robbie was recently photographed leaving Cara Delevingne's home even though there was no indication that the two saw each other. However, the Suicide Star squad is making headlines after she was seen looking visibly distressed hours after leaving the model's property.

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Margot Robbie's Latest Photos Show Her Looking Emotional And Distressed

Page Six published several photos of Margot Robbie looking as though she is wiping away her tears. However, it is unclear if she was really crying when the cameras snapped pictures of her.

Robbie's recent outing and the allegations that she looked distressed seem like a big deal because the person that she supposedly visited was also described in a similar manner.

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What's Wrong With Cara Delevingne And Margot Robbie?

Delevingne has been sparking concerns among her fans due to her erratic behavior. At one point, the model also looked distressed and disheveled while waiting for her ride at the airport.

When a black SUV finally picked her up, Delevingne left her legs dangling out of the car window. Speculations regarding Delevingne's welfare became even rifer after she missed the launch of her collection honoring the late German fashion designer.

Delevingne did not also attend the Emmys this week even though some of her Only Murders in the Building co-stars were there.

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Fans Express Their Concerns Toward Margot Robbie And Cara Delevingne

It's unclear what's going on with Delevingne or even Robbie, but it seems the two are good friends.

On Twitter, some of their fans even expressed their concerns for Robbie and Delevingne.

"Hope all is well with Cara and Margot," one fan wrote.

"No, it's not just this video, it's other stuff too and her friend Margot went to visit her and she left crying. Cara is really struggling," another fan commented (via SK Pop).

"I'm so worried for Cara. I really hope she's OK. Watching these rumors of her and seeing the picture of Margot Robbie leaving Cara's house crying made me tear up," another fan wrote.

Robbie has always prioritized her mental health. During the pandemic, she shared how she was staying mentally healthy while in isolation.

"I have lists for things I need to do that day, long term, short term, fun stuff, not fun stuff. It gets it out of my mind and on paper and if I don't get through my list that day I don't stress about it, I just pick up where I left off the next day. I think it is worth [taking] a second to think about the things that do help put your mind at ease and give yourself the time to implement it into your day," she told Vogue.

Her recent statement suggests that she can handle everything that comes her way, so fans do not need to worry about Robbie.

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