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Marc Anthony Suspicious Of Jennifer Lopez’s Husband Ben Affleck? J.Lo’s Ex Allegedly Knows How Jennifer Garner’s Ex-Husband Became Moody, Out Of Control

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Marc Anthony is allegedly protective of Jennifer Lopez. The exes, who became good friends after they split, were blessed with two children together, Max and Emme. Now, there are reports claiming that Anthony is also suspicious of Lopez’s husband, Ben Affleck.

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Marc Anthony Protective Of Jennifer Lopez?

According to Radar Online, Marc Anthony was shocked when he found out that Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck rekindled their romance together. After all, the A-listers dated until the early 2000s, but they decided to call off their engagement due to the pressures of always being in the limelight.

But almost two decades later, Lopez and Affleck crossed paths again and realized that they still have so much love and respect for each other. However, Anthony wants his ex-wife to guard her heart at all costs.

“Marc heard too much about how Ben became moody and out of control for him to think it was a great idea to get back with him all these years later,” a source said.

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Marc Anthony And Jennifer Lopez Reportedly Have An Amicable Relationship With Each Other

However, a source told Entertainment Tonight in August that Anthony wants to remain amicable with Lopez. And he and Affleck’s ex-wife, Jennifer Garner has been nothing but supportive.

“Marc Anthony and Jen Garner have been supportive. There’s been no bad blood or hard feelings as of late. Their main goal is to always keep their children happy, and they all feel aligned on that. The kids get along well, and Ben’s kids love Jen, and Jen’s kids adore Ben,” the source said.

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Jennifer Lopez And Ben Affleck Allegedly Facing Some Marital Issues

With this, the publication revisited some of its previous claims about Affleck. For instance, they alleged that the dad of three is not happy in his marriage to Lopez and that the couple has allegedly been fighting nonstop since they tied the knot.

There were also claims suggesting that Lopez wants Affleck to stop smoking for good, but the actor just couldn’t give up the vice consistently.

“She absolutely hates Ben's cigarettes. He promised to give it up, but with all her nagging he's smoking more than ever,” the source said.

Additionally, Lopez and Affleck are allegedly struggling because of the demands of their busy careers. And trying to get all five children on the same page has also, allegedly, taken a toll on their relationship.

But just this week, Lopez shared an adorable video with her husband via TikTok. The clip shows the couple happily canoodling with each other.

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