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King Charles Thinks He’s Not Good Enough to Be Monarch? Queen Consort Camilla’s Husband Allegedly Seeks Princess Anne’s Help

Credit: The Royal Family/YouTube Screenshot

King Charles will officially be crowned as the new monarch on May 6. But after the queen's death, he immediately assumed the role of the king after decades of service in The Crown as the heir. After two months on the throne, there are whispers that King Charles is second-guessing his abilities to rule.

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Queen Consort Camilla Urged King Charles To Talk To Princess Anne About His Concerns?

According to Now to Love, Queen Consort Camilla urged King Charles to talk to Princess Anne about his thoughts and worries because she knows that the latter is the one who could help the monarch.

"His sister can get through to Charles even when Camilla can't," the source said.

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Princess Anne Allegedly Urged King Charles To Pull Himself Together

During their conversation, King Charles allegedly told Princess Anne that Princess Diana might have been right when she suggested that he wasn't fit to be king.

"It only took a few minutes of Charles moaning that maybe Diana was right and that Prince William should be king instead of him, and maybe he should stand aside, that Anne told him in no uncertain terms to pull himself together. Anne has been tasked with reminding him that there has been no one more prepared to be king than him, after decades of being the understudy to their mother's magnificent reign, and that William deserves a few more years of learning the ropes before Charles even thinks of giving up," the source said.

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King Charles Stressing Over The Crown Season 5, Prince Harry's Memoir?

According to the publication, the release of The Crown Season 5, as well as the upcoming release of Prince Harry's memoir, are causing King Charles more stress.

"Then there's Prince Harry's impending book, right down to him inheriting the throne at a time where Britain hasn't looked this economically bleak in years, he's been very gloomy indeed," the source said.

Last month, royal commentator Daniela Elser said that Prince Harry's memoir could damage King Charles and Queen Consort Camilla because it offers a first-hand account of the prince's life.

"King Charles should be very, very worried about Prince Harry's new book. The duke has a literal lifetime of revelations, dirt, and secrets to draw on, not to mention the Viking-sized battle axe he has to grind with his family. This book could well end up being the equivalent of Gunpowder Plot 2.0. If Harry's book lobs a fresh round of stinging accusations, for example, of rotten parenting, general neglect, or poor treatment by his father and/or the Palace machine, then it will be a serious body blow to the new Carolean age (as the reign of a monarch named Charles is technically known as)," she said (via Express).

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