Manifest: What is the Death Date?

Credit: NBC

Credit: NBC

Manifest will definitely make you a little anxious about hopping onto a plane once more in your life as it continues with the mysteries unfolding throughout the series, one of which is the death date. Death is nothing new to the characters of the series but it proves to be vital information they all needed to look out for. What is the death date, anyway?

An NBC series with episodes going as long as 43-minutes apiece, Manifest has 13 episodes for Season 3 which could be found in its home network, on the NBC app and, on the livestream through DirecTV, FuboTV, YouTube TV, and Sling TV, and on Hulu for those who has a subscription with an NBC pack.

191 passengers aboard Montego Air Flight 828 from Jamaica en route to New York City mysteriously disappeared in thin air without a trace for five and a half years. While the time for everyone looking for them has been that long, it was just a few minutes in severe turbulence for the passengers before they made a landing at Stewart International Airport in Newburgh, New York.

Trying to put behind all those years they seemingly lost while on the trip of their lifetime, they realize that things are not the same as they were and they started to experience "callings," voices they hear from nowhere, visions they see, and feelings they have urging them to do something about whatever it is that the callings tell or warn them.

What is the Death Date in Manifest?

Death is nothing new to the passengers. They were presumed dead after the lapse of five and a half years being missing. However, it seems that returning unscathed after all those years makes death follow them like a shadow looming on the seams.

Since season 1, the passengers had a handful of deaths with Kelly being killed after speaking to the press, Harvey jumping off a building after he calls himself the angel of death. Three other people whom Harvey had contact with died from unusual accidents. NSA Director Vance who was just trying to figure out what happened to the plans died as well.

Remember the phrase, "you only live once?" Well, surely, its total opposite would be "you only die once." A person can only be completely dead for once in their life. This is how the passengers of Flight 828 figured out what the death date is.

James Griffin was not aboard the plane but he was someone who seems to have experienced the same thing that happened to those on Flight 828. He pulled off a robbery, and his getaway van was found on the river. Surprisingly, Griffin was not dead, not yet. It seems that he was supposed to die from the crash but that didn't happen. After four days, he died on the pavement as he choked on water, like how he would've choked if he was under the river.

Ben Stone studied what happened to Griffin and found that the exact time that he was missing was 82 hours and eight minutes. After being found alive and being retrieved, he died exactly 82 hours and eight minutes. Putting it into the perspective of those on Flight 828, given that they disappeared in 2013, Ben was able to figure out that their death date is June 2, 2024.

Griffin was no random stranger at all. It was revealed that Cal, brother of Olive, had a calling about the death of Griffin. He also had the same blood marker which was discovered to link all passengers and crew aboard the mysterious flight.

Mysteriously, another person strengthens this theory of the death date as Zeke was confirmed to have the same blood marker. Sometime in December 2017, Zeke went missing after experiencing a blizzard while hiking on a mountain. He was found alive a year after in a cave. His appearance opened doors for explanation: the death date not only tells when one will possibly die, but it also indicates how. With this, it could also be considered to be a key element in how to stop it.

During the finale of season 2, Zeke experienced a calling that Cal will be kidnapped. Despite knowing that his death involves cold, Zeke pursued to save Cal who was freezing while submerged on a frozen lake. Zeke died but was revived minutes after. With this, it seemed that he has cheated death once more, or more accurately, he took it off of his shoulders.

Given these two circumstances, the passengers are now aware that the callings are not to be unheeded. As mysterious as they are, it prevents them from impending death, and Zeke's narrative, only proves that there is a way out.

Manifest arrives every Thursday at 7 PM CT/8 PM ET on NBC.

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